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This book takes children through 8-year-old Billy’s journey of worry and overthinking, exploring how he tackles his worries and learns ways to manage and stop them from taking over.

Author Shelley Carolan is a counsellor based in regional NSW. She has been supporting young people through tough times for over 20 years.


Kick off 2024 with the clarity and strength you deserve! Discover how Cobble Counselling can illuminate your path to personal renewal and a happier, healthier you.


Dive into a world where joy, kindness, and togetherness reign supreme, as told by the young hearts of children – a timely reminder of what’s really important this festive season.


It is not uncommon for a person who is grieving following a significant loss to start doing things they may not usually do. When managed well and the person has adequate support around them, the behavioural changes are usually short-term and eventually the person reverts back to being themselves. Sadly, however, some people don’t feel they have enough support to recover and allow their short-term behaviour to have long-term consequences.

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A busy lifestyle can make the timing of face-to-face appointments tricky. Phone counselling is a more suitable option for many, often with shorter wait times, and means that clients are not restricted to finding a therapist that lives nearby.


With the return to school upon us, unfortunately many families may experience the return of school bullying. A well-managed and disciplined approach needs to happen to allow all children to feel safe at school. This blog post provides an insight into school bullying and advice for supporting young victims.

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Although in current times a lot of people are comfortable talking about stress, many are not.  In this blog post, Cobble Counselling's lead counsellor discusses all things stress, from identifying triggers to exploring de-stressing techniques and handy support options.


The festive season brings joyful times with family and friends, but when managing grief, it can be a particularly lonely and challenging period for many. In this blog post, Cobble Counselling's lead counsellor provides helpful tips and advice for people who are grieving throughout the festive season. 

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