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Telephone Counselling

Current times see counselling taking many different forms. Options such as telephone counselling, in person, online chats, video sessions and facetime are now available through many services. Today we’ll look at phone counselling and how it can sometimes be the client's preferred option for many different reasons.


The phone counselling that we refer to in this blog is private, ongoing, scheduled sessions with the same counsellor. We are not referring to crisis calls where you are seeking immediate support and may be talking to a different person each call.

What makes phone counselling so popular nowadays?  In a nutshell, the answer is convenience and accessibility.  

Phone conversation. Confident young woman sit on couch talk speak communicate by telephone

Few people in current times are without a phone and those that might not have a phone generally have access to one. Accessing counselling via the phone also means that clients are not restricted to finding a therapist that lives nearby.

With many clients, a busy lifestyle can make the timing of face-to-face appointments tricky. Difficulty getting away from work, travel time, access to transport, shift work, family commitments, childcare and lack of services within their area are a few of the reasons people struggle to get to appointments in person. The combination of all the above is where phone counselling can offer an alternate, more suitable option. Having alternate opportunities may also prevent you being placed on a lengthy waiting list.

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The coronavirus pandemic led to an increase in online therapy. At a time of so much uncertainty in the world, a time when many people needed support, access to face- to-face counselling was suddenly not available. However, like most others, counsellors were able to adapt their delivery and bring forward new ways for people to receive help and support as needed. The last two years have seen the number of phone counselling sessions rise substantially.

Phone counselling falls under the umbrella term of Telehealth. As the term indicates, it is counselling delivered over the phone. Many people choose a mix of face-to-face and telephone support, depending on their availability and commitments.

Phone counselling may not be suitable for everyone. Some people need the personal connection and want to see who they are sharing with, while others can open up easily with someone over the phone, saying things that they would struggle to express in person.

At Cobble Counselling, we offer the same professional service over the phone as we do in the office. You receive the same session structure and confidentiality as you would in a face-to-face session, and you speak to the same person each time.  You have a scheduled appointment time when the counsellor calls you and the session runs for the agreed time (generally 60 minutes).  All you need to do is be available and have your phone ready!

Gone are the days of thinking services are out of your reach. Nowadays, you can chat with a counsellor while sitting in your own home at a time that suits you. Cobble Counselling also offers a free 15-minute, no obligation phone chat to help you decide if you feel we are a suitable fit and what type of service delivery will work best for you. Get in touch today to find out more.

As always, should you require immediate help, call Lifeline Crisis Support on 13 11 14, or dial 000 in an emergency.

Published March 2022.


Shelley Carolan

Lead Counsellor, Cobble Counselling


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