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Christmas Through a Child's Eyes: Rediscovering the Heart of the Holiday Season

Have you ever wondered what Christmas looks like through the eyes of a child?

Whilst working with many children across western New South Wales over the past few weeks, I asked them to share what Christmas means to them. Their responses offer a refreshing and heartfelt perspective on the holiday season…


Joy, happiness, kindness, togetherness, love, connection, believing, giving, caring, hope, fun, sharing, hugging, family, helping, eating together, relaxing, swimming, being nice, and excitement.


I was expecting to hear about presents, Santa Claus, or school holidays, but their thoughts centred more on emotional connections and shared moments, rather than material expectations. As they began to write these words on Christmas ornaments, I asked a second question: What it would be like if we practiced these values throughout the entire year, not just during Christmas?

Image by Mahdi Bafande

Their answers were insightful and sincere:


"People would be kinder."


"Less bullying."


"We'd see more people helping each other and being friends."


"The world would feel more joyful, and grownups wouldn’t always be so busy."


“No yelling.”


"People wouldn’t feel as lonely and we'd all smile more."


"Everyone would feel safer and less afraid."

This exchange with the children underscores the importance of emotional support and human connection, particularly during the festive season. While Christmas is often a time for celebration, it can also highlight feelings of loneliness or stress for some. It's important to remember that reaching out to friends and family for support can be a great help. Sharing our feelings with those we trust can bring comfort and understanding, making the festive season more enjoyable.


However, there are times when a chat with friends or family might not be enough. In those moments, professional support from a place like Cobble Counselling can be invaluable. We’re here to provide support, guidance, and understanding, helping you navigate through any challenges during the holiday season and beyond.


This festive season, while joyous for many, can also be a reflective time for others. It's a reminder of what might have been or what we aspire to. This year let's draw inspiration from our children. Let's reduce the stress and expectations, and embrace the simplicity and warmth of Christmas, focusing on love, kindness and connection.


By doing so, we might not only enhance our own well-being but also spread a wave of positivity into the new year. We might find that this new approach to the holiday season brings a renewed sense of peace and joy.


Happy Christmas, and may this season fill your heart with the joy, kindness and love that our wonderful children have so beautifully reminded us of.


As always, should you require immediate help, call Lifeline Crisis Support on 13 11 14, or dial 000 in an emergency.


Published December 2023.


Shelley Carolan

Lead Counsellor, Cobble Counselling

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