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After reading through this website, should you have any unanswered questions, please reach out and I’ll answer them for you.


Hi, I’m Shelley. I work as a counsellor based in Dubbo NSW and offer my services throughout Australia.

I am passionate about people’s wellbeing. I sit with and support you as you regain strength and find understanding.

Not everything can be fixed, but I will be with you as we work through things and adapt to new ways.


My professional training, coupled with life experiences, enables me to connect and support you without judgement.

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About Us
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Just like a cobble stone path, the road we travel is full of unknowns, uneven surfaces and rough patches, yet it is still functional.

We all deserve to travel our best road, feeling content and experiencing peace and happiness.


While I work with you as an individual, I respect your personal and professional boundaries and guide you through your pain and confusion to find a way forward.


Everyone’s story is unique and I work with you at where you are on the day.

I cover all general counselling areas, specialising in loss and grief, depression, stress and anxiety, and work with people of all ages and backgrounds.


Using a range of counselling styles including narrative, self-focused, interpersonal, person centred, CBT, play & creative therapy and ACT, I offer face-to-face, online, telephone and SMS sessions.

My work in schools, supporting children to navigate their way through change, brings valuable learning through the honest words they speak.


I appreciate everyone’s story is unique. There is no one size fits all and I work with you at where you are on the day.

My practice welcomes people from all walks of life including members of the LGBTQIA+, CALD and Indigenous communities.


Self and Provider managed NDIS client enquiries welcome!

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  • ​Diploma of Counselling AIPC

  • Diploma Business Management

  • Accredited Facilitator Good Grief Seasons Programs


  • Australian Counsellors Association (Membership No.19796)

  • National Association for Loss and Grief (NALAG NSW)

  • Australian Centre of Grief and Bereavement 


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